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Top Three White Hat Building Strategies for SEO

Top Three White Hat Building Strategies for SEO
1.Content: This is the most important strategy for effective link popularity building. If you have good content, external sites would want to link to your web site. Make sure you use original content and an honest review of how things are done in your company. People just don't want to be associated with something that is exaggerated and impractical. Describe how your company is contributing uniquely towards the society. All this will make your web site worth linking to. A strategic planning of content is essential if you want quality links pointing towards your site.

2.Social: Have you created a link bait and nobody is falling for it? Well, chances are no one even knows about it. Try and update your presence at all the social networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. Maintain all your fan pages and post announcements of any new links on your site. Contribute various links to your content in places where it is appropriate.

3.Internal Linking: Don't be under the misconception that internal links are not valuable. Of course, they cannot outdo external links. But an advantage is that you have full control over your internal links. Also, you can easily optimize internal links. Therefore, make use of internal linking, too.