Friday, December 17, 2010

Steps for Correct Keyword Research

Steps for Correct Keyword Research
Your search engine optimization campaign has to include proper research of keywords. Wrong keywords can lead your website to doom because neither visitors nor search engines will be able to find your website. Follow these steps to conduct an efficient keyword research:

1.The targeted keywords should be properly identified. All the keywords should be in relevance with your online business. Brainstorm and compile a list of keywords that cover all of your products and services.

2.A tool for keyword research can be used. There are many such tools available in the market and can be used by you. These software options will be able to discover all the popular keywords used by visitors and you can select the ones that match your niche.

3.Evaluate the competition for all these keywords. Also see if ranking well amongst all these other sites is possible for you. This analysis will tell you how much effort you need to invest in a specific keyword.

4.Narrow down and shortlist those keywords that will help you within the competitive rankings. Monitor the conversion rate of each keyword and optimize them accordingly.

5.Design your web site and plan on how many pages you need to have depending on the keywords.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Keyword Research - Let Logic And Experience Guide You

Keyword Research - Let Logic And Experience Guide You
In today's highly competitive web jungle, professional search engine marketers have access to some of the most unique and innovative online research tools.

But before we come to any conclusions, have you ever wondered why web owners often experience certain limitations initially, when it comes to performing an effective keyword research marketing strategy? Why do some people struggle to find the best results, while others seem to achieve success in an instant?

Present below is a list of tips and secrets that will help you achieve instant keyword research success. It's not as difficult as you think it is. All it takes is a little acceptance, patience and a ton of logic.
  • Firstly, and most importantly you need to stop the guessing game: Most people naturally tend to guess at keywords, rather than explore all of the relevant data. But the truth of the matter is that every time we guess at the terms that make the most sense, we simply create more hurdles and obstacles. A list cannot be finalized on a 'guessing game', rather it requires a lot of research, patience and energy.
  • Next, you need to let your logic and experience take control of your actions and your thought process: Don't follow your emotions. Instead, you need to let your experience and logic guide you in the right direction.
Now listen carefully. Follow these steps and you will definitely make an impact in this online global market.