Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Points to know about PPC Advertising

Points to know about PPC Advertising
At times, people get messed up with their PPC ads and it is really hard to get untangled. This results in spending more money and time before starting the PPC advertisement endeavors.

Before you could start your PPC management campaign, there are some points you need to remember.
  • Landing Page: Landing page is definitely important in a PPC campaign. It is advisable not to combine the services and products offered in one landing page or make the home page as landing page.
  • Keyword Layout: It is better to place the keywords of the pay per click advert in order to see the best arrangement of the keywords. It will help if you try out different line arrangements and take note of the click through rates and examine if the conversion rates stays the same or has changed.
  • Focus: It will be wise to check the pay per click campaign every day. It happens that your PPC advertisement platform can freeze your campaign ads for a number of reasons. Like if the search engines find the ads “under-performing”, they will halt the campaign ads. Just make sure your ads are active, performing and make impressions. Be careful with the campaign and make the changes only when it is applicable.
  • Call to Action: It is always good to use a call to action like ‘Click Now’, ‘Join Now’ or ‘Don’t Miss Out’. This will prompt the readers to click the ad rather than push your prospective clients to advance to the next advertisement.
  • Conversion and Traffic: You must create a balance between the traffic level and convertibility. If you are providing a free trial of your product or service, does it help you get a high conversion rate but low on the sales. Or, do you prefer a low conversion rate but a high sales rate from reliable customers? The choice is yours.
  • Contextual Advertising: This program will allow you to choose where the PPC adverts will be shown. You can get the best out of this program, if you get a high click through rate or a low conversion.
  • Bid Higher: If you get your PPC ads on the front page of the search result, it can significantly increase the impression-to-click conversion rates. This will bring a great impact with Google Adwords as the PPC advert is influenced by the bid multiplied by click through rates.

How to get Back-links Quickly

How to get Back-links Quickly
In a link building campaign, the most important factor is to get maximum quality back links. A high quality back link from a reliable source can put a site on the search engine in just a few hours. People spend a lot of time on searching for quality links. They can be bought, traded or rented online. Without back links, attaining high ranks at the search engines would be very difficult. And, getting these links mean spending more hours working on it, which can be tiring sometimes.

If you want more quality links in an easy manner, the first thing you can do is submit articles. Article promotion is one of the most effective ways which you can get quality one way links.

Another effective mode is leaving comments. This has seriously attracted great links. You can search for the term “DoFollow blogs” in Google and once locating a sufficient list, you can start visiting the blogs and leave good comments.

Blogs that allow the do follow feature will also allow you to use keywords instead of an actual name. In this method, you can share your knowledge by submitting good comments and generating a few back links.

Another method is to contact a good company in your niche and send requests to share links with them. If they agree, then it is great but see whether they have good rankings in the search engine listing as it is no use if the site has no ranking at all.

Building back links is no hard task but it is very time consuming. Avoid link farms or paid link directories as these method can give you only low quality back links and even worse, it will get you on the wrong side of the search engines.

You can also hire a link popularity building service to handle all the link building processes for you. They will do a better job than an amateur.